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P R O D U C T S  &  P I E C E S

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L A U N C H I N G  S O O N



'As a Designer with a background in Print and Textiles I am always immediately drawn to tangible materials. I enjoy contrasting textures, rich colours and am always searching for new, off-kilter objects that intrigue me. I appreciate intense levels of detail and finding patterns both within natural objects and in designed ones.   


Much of my inspiration for designs come from the aforementioned that surround me in every-day life- usually in nature, but also from interesting narratives- whether that is reading about historical events, learning about cultural rituals or ogling over bizarre artefacts.


I translate my interests in to designs by drawing or painting in response to these textures or narratives that interest me- these transpire either as illustrations or prints that are suggestive of a mood or feeling- such as my fine art prints or I develop them further in to more tangible pieces, such as my latex lampshades.


I combine my interest of intriguing textures with my knowledge of screen- printing to enhance my work. I do this either by using unconventional materials or by applying techniques that stimulate opposing characteristics. This juxtaposition appears in many facets of my work, whether that is adorning matte paper with shiny gold leaf, adding a high gloss element to a flat fabric or adding a raised texture to a shiny, translucent latex. My aim is to create curious textures that enhance the design and create something unique.


I appreciate the beauty in slow and thoughtful processes such as drawing and screen-printing as I find that taking the time to design and create considered pieces helps promote a deeper appreciation for the finished article. I find that this consideration adds to the longevity of an objects beauty and enjoyment, which is not only more sustainable but also helps celebrate the brilliance of true craftsmanship. 

I believe celebrating slow design and traditional craft is not only important in aid of preserving skills and knowledge, but it is also a necessary protest against trends, fast-fashion and disposable design.'

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