LAMPYRIS- Rosanna Bishop.JPG

Debuting her latest collection of latex lampshades 'Lampyris', Rosanna will be exhibiting and demonstrating work in progress at the world's leading event for the latest in luxury interior design, Decorex 2022.  


'high-end interior design exhibition which has brought together the best of the design community each year for 43 years'

Rosanna Bishop is a multidisciplinary Artist & Designer, specialising in silk screen-printing, maximalist designs and hand painted commissions. Working from her studio and print room in South London, Rosanna uses her signature style to create bespoke pieces for a range of high-profile clients in Fashion and Interiors, as well as one-off art pieces and prints.


With a passion for illustrative prints and curious narratives, Rosanna combines traditional processes such as silk screen-printing, acrylic painting and gold leaf gilding with other hand-finished applications to create unique, limited edition artworks.


Rosanna’s work is playful in its attempts to question ideas of beauty, with previous collections discussing death, questioning taboos and celebrating the beauty in decay.