Dark Decadence is a collection of printed textile designs exploring the combination of luxury fabrics such as velvets and silk chiffons with the less conventional; latex and PVC.

The collection is predominantly screen printed by hand and consists of over 200 unique designs. All of the imagery is hand drawn and painted. 

Moths & Thorns

Screen printed latex

Big Red.jpg

Embossed Peony

Screen printed silk chiffon

Atlas Moth

Screen print on hand dyed silk chiffon

Screen print on hand dyed latex

3 Together.jpg

Screen printed silk chiffon

Screen print on PVC | Screen print on dyed latex | Screen print devoré and discharge print

Watercolour florals on silk velvet

Screen print on PVC | Screen print reversible on dyed latex | Screen printed PVC


Screen Printed silk chiffon

Acrylic painting on silk chiffon

Screen printed latex | PVC

Moths & Thorns

Screen print on hand dyed latex

Lasercut leather | Printed silk satin

Screen printed velvet | Hand dyed satin devoré | Screen printed PVC | Silk chiffon | Screen printed hand dyed latex | Screen printed PVC | Screen printed organza