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F U T U R E  I C O N S .

A workshop hosted by Rosanna Bishop

The still life display will be reminiscent of the macabre paintings of the era and will be a curated selection of flowers, symbolic fruits, glassware and trinkets of interest. Instead of the candles that were often used Rosanna will include her latex lampshades for their gentle glow and to enhance the moody setting.

The scene will be a feast for the eyes and Rosanna will lead the group by focusing on different areas and compositions within different timed limits, playing with both realism and more abstract styles.

There will be black paper available and the participants will be encouraged to be bold with their colours and medium to bring the images to life. Rosanna will bring a few different mediums to try, including acrylic paints and pastels and so for the last and longest section you can pick your favourite medium and technique to produce a final piece.

What you need to bring: Nothing. All tools and materials will be provided.


All abilities welcome, all styles encouraged..

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