'Illness is neither an indulgence for which people have to pay, nor an offence for which they should be penalised but a misfortune the cost of which should be shared by the community'*


I started this drawing at the start of the covid lockdown as a way of expressing how overwhelmed I felt by the feeling of helplessness and how in awe I was of those on the frontline who could see the storm brewing and instead of being able to isolate and protect themselves- they instead were putting themselves at risk to go out and help us all. 


As the daughter of a nurse I have grown up with a constant admiration for the amazing health service we have and have seen how it is often abused, under appreciated and criticised- not just by individuals, but by the media and worryingly most of all by the government and it’s lack of funding and investment. This has been evident throughout the pandemic- the lack of preparation, the lack of PPE and the many NHS workers who have taken ill or who have lost their lives- tragically still, effecting BAME workers disproportionately more than any others. 


It has been heartwarming that otherwise isolated communities have been coming together every Thursday to clap for our carers and it has felt like there is a genuine heightened level of admiration for key workers. Although the weekly clapping has come to an end, I think it’s more important than ever to keep supporting our NHS- long after the pandemic has gone the NHS and its staff will continue to feel an ever-mounting strain trying to catch up with the months lost to the pandemic.


I hope this illustration can be used as a celebration for our amazing NHS- a reminder of those have worked so hard to keep us safe and to continue the momentum of this heightened appreciation going. I hadn’t originally planned to share this work but in my attempt to feel helpful rather than helpless and use my skills to try and fundraise, I have made it available to buy on my website as prints to display or send to those you’re grateful for. 50% of every purchase is going towards NHS & @blmuk charitable fundraisers- 25% of which will  go specifically towards the Majonzi BAME Covid 19 Bereavement Fund. If you’re not able to purchase then please feel free to share this image digitally- tag or send to an NHS worker to say thank you. 


*Quote by Aneurin Bevan

N H S - f u n d r a i s e r

  • 50% of every purchase is going towards NHS & @blmuk charitable fundraisers- 25% of which will go specifically towards theNHS charitable fundraisers, @blmuk and 25% of which will specifically go towards the Majonzi BAME Covid 19 Bereavement Fund


    A4 and A3 giclee prints available- printed on fine art 170gsm matte paper. 


    Each print is signed, gift wrapped and dispatched using tracked and signed for delivery.


    A4 [29.7cm x 21cm] prints are packaged in a hard backed envelopes.

    A3 [42cm x 29.7cm] prints are packaged loosely rolled in a wide protective tube.


    All prints are sold unframed.

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