Rosanna Bishop is a Printed Textile Designer

with a studio based in Peckham, London.


Having worked with luxury design houses for many years- including ongoing freelance work after a full time design role at Alexander McQueen, bespoke projects for Pringle of Scotland's LFW shows, and collaboration with Fashion Designer Renata Brenha, leading to a presentation at LFW and feature in Vogue. Other work includes a full time Print Room Manager role at Zandra Rhodes- curating and screen printing two collections for and working with Pierpaolo of Valentino on a print collaboration with Zandra, as well as showcasing Rosanna's own collections of work in

New York City & Hampton Court Palace.


Rosanna was awarded a full scholarship from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust and The Royal Warrant Holders and completed a Masters in Printed Textiles at The Royal College of Art.


With a passion for illustrative design and interesting, textural fabrics- Rosanna combines traditional silk screen-printing processes with modern applications to create unique designs- such as laser cutting designs in to leather and then printing on top, using 'smart' binders within printing inks to create emboss-like textures, or using these techniques on less conventional fabrics such as

latex and PVC. 


Combining the old with the new techniques, materials and tools not only creates innovative yet timeless design but also celebrates British textile heritage and preserves this skill and craftsmanship.


Each design begins as a drawing or painting in a sketchbook, and is then developed either for screen or digital printing. 

Every design is formed around a provocative narrative, exploring difficult or intriguing subjects such as the latest collection looking at death and disgust. 


Each design is as bespoke as its purpose- ranging from a printed latex coat, to screen- printed PVC boots with embroidered flies, to an intriguing peep hole room divider adorned in lengths of fabrics. Every design can be adapted for any size and for any place fabric is found- whether that is for fashion, interiors, costume, or one-off gallery pieces.